@brianhein1 @Stock_Slayer @Dylanlikeavillan @DaveForreal @Sugar_Bear_in_Chief @Italian_dream @Daveforreal @LizzyRoss @Shes_A_VuduQueen @VoxGeorge @AdamFrank LOL! Just checkin' in & wow. It sounds horrible. Although, I must say, I'm like George, & do not miss "bloody relatives" for the most part. At least not the siblings! OR DH's siblings. But we lived far away from them all when our mothers passed, & didn't have to deal with any of it! We never even saw his mother's will or details, just accepted his "cut" without question. The very fact that we were sent no details was, by itself, confirmation (to us) that his older brother, (who'd been taking unfair advantage all his life already), probably didn't want us to see it. But it wasn't worth it to us to care. I won't go into it all, but can relate. However, it must be rotten to have to deal with other families' fights over money, etc. Especially when someone feels ripped off & thinks it's somehow your fault! Sheesh!