$HHT Safe to say that the majority of schooling from elementary to colleges will be conducted via distance or hybrid learning. Many districts and states has already opted for that route. Schooling starts in a handful or weeks (or is already starting), colleges too. The wife is a graduate assistant and will be conducting all of her courses virtually. $HHT $BOXL $HMHC $SALM and gang should all see an increase in volume and demand. I believe that $HHT has the largest upside based on the platform they will be putting out. Music and performance education is more niche than the others but the partnerships with artists, branding, merchandising and sheer market size are what push it higher than the rest. I can hear the “Chinese scam” comments already forming by the neighborhood bigots. China/US have always hated each other but fact is- we need each other. It’ll work out one way or another.. And people need to learn... NOW. COVID isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Happy Sunday, GLTA!
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