$CIDM We have less 31 watchers since Friday's close. Seems like we're shedding a bit of dead weight (short sighted & demand 50% gains in a week ppl). Long and Strong is the name of the game here. Buy, Hold and you will reap the rewards. To those complaining -- take responsibility for your actions. If you bought it for a quick buck, you should've verified MOMO & set the appropriate stop-loss and/or exited before EOD. If you came in for a swing, you should've carefully planned your entry and exit. There is always risk in trading/investing. My recommendation is do more DD! Fortunately for many, this stock will continue to reach new highs for this calendar year and you will see your accts in the green (if you can be patient and wait). If your long & holding like me --this intra-day, intra-week, intra-month action doesn't matter. (not investment advice) GLTA!