$TWTR @KPL1974 since most of you here, including the user tagged, can’t seem to understand I will use an analogy. @KPL1974 says that Twitter, in banning trump, restricts his right to free speech. I vehemently disagree with this but let’s ignore that for now and say you’re right, it is limiting his speech. Trump chose to violate the guidelines as posted by twitter, and the repercussions were a limit placed on his rights. If an individual were to go out in society and violate societal guidelines (aka laws), the repercussions would be the same - a limit on his rights (I.e. jail).
@UncleJesse tax cuts for who? He wrote into the next bill (which must have passed under your nose) a tax raise for middle income households. 2. “Job killing Paris accord” is vital to the environment and our survival... also if you’re solely concerned with monetary issues, look into environmental economics. As the climate crisis worsens, it will cost the US trillions. So yes... I would not be surprised if the US debt doubles soon. 3.