@abman54 because it went up on no news and no volume and was floating on air--MM like to manipulate this too and options expire tomorrow. On top of it all, they were allegedly getting added to the Russell 3000 which a month long process as they were on the add list at the beginning of the month and look to be falling off the add list by the end of the month at this rate, which means the early fund buyers could be unloading along with all the frontrunners that were speculating. On top of this inflation is going to kill this company as it makes it harder to borrow money and they'll be stuck issuing more and more equity. The Aug options post-earnings had huge implied downside, so there is a lot of implied downside after earnings. Also this thing was subject to a gamma squeeze that drove up the price and those options are expiring tomorrow which means a gamma squeeze back down--there was a 500k block of options at $25 call expiring tomorrow that MM are unloading shares on I'm sure
@LemonButt @abman54 Where did all this come from? They are in the Russell and there was never a gamma squeeze. I can see your point about options expiring and we both know we disagree on the business case for the company's future.