$XPEV Not sure how many times we need to talk about it until it sinks in, no one can really predict with any accuracy what will happen in the market. NIO, LI, TESLA and XPENG are all down. The market is being pulled in many ways right now and none are positive at the moment for the EV sector in general. We are in a state of flux and unpredictability. None of these companies are in a bad place and all have a high degree of success going forward. All analysts believe that even today. They too don't understand the downward trend. The future numbers for all of them look promising and you should play the stock accordingly. This obviously is a long term play and it will recover and it will recover hard when the time comes. So buy and hold and watch the ride. None of us are big enough to make any difference to the current stock price. Buyers and sellers are all over the place at the moment. So I am not worried for the future of any of them, it's all part of the investment game.