$INO If Oxford vaccine could get such funds with such fluffy partial results. forbes.com/sites/williamhas... And if that is what $MRNA can provide after receiving half a billion from BARDA childrenshealthdefense.org/... Then I'm happy. That means $INO can easily get triple funds with these rigid results. bizjournals.com/philadelphi... INO 4800 results are of the real value. Published in Nature and praised by top of scientific society. Based on last twitt of CEPI the funds are just around the corner. twitter.com/CEPIvaccines/st...
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@Yayushka So many great news in $INO pipeline for next few weeks! 1) Results from animal challenge trials on ferrets 2) Results from non - human primate trials 3) Results from human trials in USA 4) Results from human trials in South Korea 5) Results from human trials in China. That is in the next few weeks only. These ones are for sure! Then probably also. 6) Upgrages from analysts (One already came today) 7) CEPI funding 8) GAVI funding
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