$INO If you study the peer review of INO-4700, a vaccine against MERS-CoV, which is also a coronvirus we can expect great results for INO-4800 as well. Antibody responses at around 94% and T-Cell responses at around 88% (after 3 shots however not 2). Immunity lasts at least 60 weeks. This are better results than other vaccines are currently demonstrating.
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@bfinal yeah and in P1 they added an extra arm of cohorts where they reduced the dosages by 50% Think about it, would you cut the dosage half if it wasn't working well? Of course not! You only reduce dosage when it is working great so you try half as much ! EXPECT AMAZING P1 RESULTS! INO IS GOING UP UP UP BIGLY YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY? BUY AND HOLD INO !!!!
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@obx4me @bfinal $INO Of corse - the fact that the trial was expanded to include 65 years old volunteers without of upper age limit - is clear indication that there were no any side effects with youger and healthier volunteers. Otherwise they would limit the age at least up to 70. Also think about it if with dose you planed initially you would not achieve the expected result - would you be addig lower dosage for your trials?