$INO i increasing believe we are going to have to go this alone. I dont thjnk they are coming with funding. Dr. Kim has rubbed someone the wrong way or Cramer actually does know something nefarious in the govt that is dooming inovio. its not inovios fault. i do beleive we have the best vaccine. still holding strong. hoping for a
@Wiskerbisquet57 @godfreta $INO So? Funding is not coming? Not from OWS? Not from CEPI? Not from GAVI? Not from IVI? Not from Gates foundation? Not from DOD? Not from Gates foundation? Not from DARPA? All of them togeter have about $40B budget. Additional $26B for vaccine development should be approved by senate soon. So - they will share $66B between the other vaccine candidates and $INO will have nothing out of it? Do you really think so? Do you really think it is possible?
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