@PurdyAlerts $INO PR volcano will erupt soon 1) Results from animal challenge trials on ferrets 2) Results from non - human primate trials 3) Results from P1 trials in USA 4) Results from P1 human trials in South Korea 5) Results from P1 trials in China 6) INO being listed in KOSDAQ (August) 7) South Korean institutions investing $80M in INO 8) Start of P2 human trials on INO 3107 against RRP 9) Start of human primate trials under OWS These ones been programmed long ago and been scheduled for next few weeks already. Then some of the following should take a place in following weeks as well: 10) Upgrages from analysts 11) More instititutions buying big chunks of shares. (Ark Genomic Revolution bought above 1M shares on 26.06.2020) 12) CEPI funding ($8B Budget) 13) GAVI funding ($9B Budget) 14) Operation Warp Speed funding ($XXB Budget) 15) Gates foundation funding ($8B budget) 16) IVI funding ($XB Budget) 17) DOD contract for 7.5M doses on $19 each Are you ready for volcano eruption?
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