$IDEX $XSPA $GNUS $LK Dude.. Let me give you some facts! About $GNUS April opened @.25 closed month @.28 May opened @.31 closed month @2.05 June opened @2.62 closed month @(2-3) So please explain to me where the loss is? The loss that was taken here was by inexperienced traders and chasers. No disrespect to those trapped, but in the market sometimes this is how you learn. Back to my point please point out to me the constant loss? Exactly... the fade from The peak was all momentum breakout those are easy fades we short all know that. You don’t ! Because you keep Using that out date narrative. What’s your short position on the stocks you bashed? What’s the interest you are paying? Are you extending your margin further? What broker are you using? Also what’s your bottom trigger ? Explain to me how you are bearish in a company that each of the past 3 months its closed the month higher each month ? How are you bearish on a company with 0 debt and money In hand ? You can’t !!!!!
$IDEX I remember I use to despise bears. But after watching losers try to recruit more losers to a shit stock I view pumping to be more unethical than shorting. Bulls have stocks with 40%+ losses trying to lure newbies with rocket dreams just so they can break even on a trade & I hate that shit. It's WRONG $XSPA , $GNUS, $LK ,
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@bullyardtrading it discredits you simply on what I said about the stock rising based on the typical growth of a corrected market. You made a profit of a momentum breakout and according to your claims you sold and made money. However, you spend majority of your time trolling negativity of the stock when it paid you, according to you. Now why would I stick around a stock that paid me money and go bash it ? That’s childish, I’ll go and enjoy my profits and look for the next play. Yet you stayed and made stupid claim bashing the stock.. How wouldn’t that discredit you ? I mean even Stevie Wonders can see that