$BB 5 of 5 13 The third point I would like to raise is there's been a 14 discussion of whether or not it would have been obvious, and if it's 15 disclosed in the prior art, the benefit of indicating -- having individual 16 tags have indicators indicative of a tag source for users. And that's 17 really a concept that's only found in the ’173 patent. And again, 18 Zuckerberg shows that at the time, you would use a line maybe to 19 organize tags by subject matter, but when it comes to creating a 20 merged search results list with tags and different sources, and it's 21 further set forth in our substitute claims that this list can have different 22 sources interspersed therein. That's only found in the ’173 patent. 23 And so with that, I would like to -- if there's no further questions, that 24 completes BlackBerry's presentation.
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