$BB I know the pain of having paper loss. But this is not the time to complaint while the stock is recovering. This is the time to gather positive support for the stock to fight all the negatives, lies and manipulation from the bears. Make no sense, as a shareholder, that you would try to help the bear case, does it? I'm optimistic with the current quarter revenue. Due to the different business setup, BlackBerry will have a delay start in the second phase of remote work. (The first phase is the panic phase, second phase is to plug security hole created from the first phase and a thoughtful planning for the long term remote work). I have heard Navy, Air Force etc are being pushed by the covid19 to accelerate their remote work/digital transformation. They are looking into Zero Trust. These are the typical BlackBerry customers. They don't do panic! My current guesstimate of Q3 revenue is $263M, to possibly $300M+ depending if there is an IP revenue surprise. Patience.
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