$BB Bore Da fox.agency/clientside/podca... BlackBerry has gone from building an emotional connection with the handset users, to building trust with its customers. BlackBerry security has grown from the traditional security, what everyone loves: •Secure data at rest, •Secure data in transit, •and Prevent data leakage, to: •Zero Trust Architecture using AI and Machine Learning, to prevent millions of malware attacks, external threats as well as internal threats. Also to help innocent busy workers from clicking the wrong link. BlackBerry Trust Building is what diamond hands longs are investing for. Building trust in this hyper speed Internet World, ever connected with things, autos, smartcities etc. without trust, none of these connected benefits will be adopted on mass. BlackBerry is building trust. Is this why you are investing in BlackBerry? Or are you paper hand affected emotionally by HF price manipulation, by their media team, trolls and bears metering out daily negative emotional bombardment?