$PLUG Despite a record market and employment and median income (record jump) pre covid media and social media have done everything in their power to run negative stories on trump and ignore MANY positives in an attempt to Elect a Dem President. Ignoring obama/biden campaign spying and phony russia hoax while hiliary ran illegal phony russia dossier, and now proven quid pro quo.. Read the NY post biden emails and texts.. Clearly made deals using his father at one point 10MM per year offered "meeting only" with multi-year offering. Now his campaign backtracking and no longer denies meetings.. Caught Red-Handed!!! 4 more years of a Trump bull and plug 401k/ira and your portfolio will be at record highs.. provided you know how trade and ignore the garbage spec stocks. Biden will handcuff businesses, economy stock market, jobs, and traders when in fact HE SHOULD be in HANDCUFFS!!!