From Apple Pie To $AAPL News

The world’s largest company was in the news for a couple of reasons today. Let’s recap. πŸ“

First was a report that the company could see a production shortfall of almost 6 million iPhone Pro models due to the unrest in China. The covid lockdowns and pro-democracy/pro-worker protests continue to affect production at Foxconn’s plant, where workers have left in droves. 🏭

Additionally, Elon Musk claimed that Apple threatened to remove the Twitter app from the App Store. He claims it is part of Apple’s “app review moderation process” and that they won’t provide a reason why Twitter’s app could be removed.

Lastly, traders are watching $AAPL shares make a lower high, which many traders view as a sign of further downside to come. The bellwether stock has held up better than its peers but would weigh on the market heavily if it began to move lower.

We’ll have to see if today’s weakness continues or if it was a one-off. Either way, traders will definitely be watching this chart into year-end. πŸ‘€

Grumpy Shareholder Targets “Happiest Place On Earth”

As Disney looks to court investors back to the “Happiest Place On Earth,” it’s facing a new challenge β€” activist investor Nelson Peltz. 🫒

Trian Fund Management is Peltz’s activist investor firm, founded in 2005. The firm’s website describes itself as “a highly engaged shareholder, bringing a private equity mindset to the public markets.” And this isn’t its first time butting heads with Disney’s management.

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China Puts $FUTU’s Future On Hold

Last year, Chinese officials began looking to crack down on mainland clients using offshore trading services. Many believed New York-listed Futu Holdings and UP Fintech Holdings would face regulatory risks because they lack licenses in China. 🚨

Unfortunately for investors, that risk has come to fruition.Β Today, China’s securities regulator banned the companies from opening new accounts with mainland Chinese investors.

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Party In The USA (Bankruptcy Courts)

Yesterday we heard that Bed Bath and Beyond is concerned about its future. And today, another struggling retailer joined the mix, expressing concerns of its own. ⚠️

Party City announced today that it’s preparing to file for bankruptcy within weeks. Like Bed Bath & Beyond, it’s burned through its cash trying to turn the company around. However, sales have remained weak and pressured by inflation and the softening economy.

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