Is Cardano A Sleeping Giant?

“The only thing bearish about cryptocurrency is the current price action.” – that phrase perfectly describes Cardano’s current fundamentals related to its current price. 

From a fundamental perspective, there are practically zero bearish conditions for Cardano. Cardano has never been hacked, interrupted, or shut down – unlike Ethereum ($ETH.X) or Solana ($SOL.X). 

If you want to talk about supply and demand, then let’s look at the supply available to purchase. I have no idea how much ADA is available on all the exchanges, but I know that the percentage of the total ADA staked is over 71%, which leaves slightly less than 30% of the total unstaked. 

And according to Coinbase ($COIN), Cardano is hodled longer than any other top 20 cryptocurrencies. I went through the top 100 and couldn’t find a single cryptocurrency that was held longer than Cardano. Bitcoin ($BTC.X) was the longest at 133 days, after Cardano at 156 days. 

That brings us to demand. The number of Cardano wallets passed 3.5 million. There were 2.5 million ADA wallets in December 2021 and 3 million in February. One of the ugliest bear markets in crypto history failed to dissuade half a million new wallets from being created. 

What’s the ‘bad’ data? The Vasil hard fork was delayed again. But for Cardano’s development team, this is par for the course. Few development teams are more strict and critical of their updates.

Finally, the development of Cardano’s network continues to expand. According to on-chain analytics giant, Santiment, Cardano was already the most developed and active blockchain in 2021 and is continuing that trend into 2022. 👍

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Ripple vs. SEC resolution soon?

A surprising development in the Ripple ($XRP.X) vs. SEC debacle occurred late Friday, with the SEC filing a Motion For Summary Judgement. The SEC filed a few days after Ripple’s Motion For Summary Judgement on September 13, 2022. 

So what does all of that mean? Without getting into the legal speak – and we’re not attorneys – what both of these Motions essentially say is this, ‘Hey, let’s not waste time with the trial thingy; it’s clear the other side doesn’t have enough evidence to persuade a jury, so let’s have the judge make a decision.’

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Cardano’s Vasil Upgrade Is Tomorrow

Ethereum’s ($ETH.X) Merge was, from a price action perspective, a nothing burger. Gas fees are still high, and scalability is still an issue. Shifting to Proof-of-Stake is a major, major deal – but not one that speculators were really excited about. 

Cardano’s ($ADA.X) Vasil update has the opposite situation. It’s absent the major hype that Ethereum’s Merge got, and the final results of Vasil have immediate benefits. So what are the changes with the Vasil hard fork?

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Bitcoin: Lowest Close In 20-Months

While today ended mostly in the green for crypto, it’s still ugly for Bitcoin ($BTC.X) and the broader crypto market. Yesterday’s daily close was the lowest for Bitcoin in just over 20 months – December 13, 2020. The slide below $19,000 is the first time since July 4, 2022. 

Today’s price action is a little more upbeat but certainly not anywhere close to regaining even half of yesterday’s losses. Beyond the technical levels, though, there is a collection of important fundamental considerations. 

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