Sharks Cuban And O’Leary On Crypto

Mark Cuban has been more vocal of late on Cardano ($ADA.X) and ($DOGE.X), with a noticeable bias towards the latter than the former. 

However, it seemed as if Cuban was attempting not to take any particular sides when comparing the two in his most recent Twitter back and forth.

Kevin ‘Mr. Wonderful’ O’Leary threw his opinion into the Flippining. The Flippining is when Ethereum ($ETH.X) overtakes Bitcoin ($BTC.X) by market cap. 

O’Leary mentioned that if there was a solid regulatory policy on Bitcoin, “I swear to you the price will be $60,000 in two weeks.”

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, both of these Sharks were major crypto skeptics

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Technically Speaking – September 28, 2022

September is almost done, with October just around the corner. September has historically been a weak one for the crypto market. And unless something dramatic happens between now and Friday, this will be the sixth consecutive September that has closed in the red for the crypto market. Let’s look at the Total Market Cap chart. 

Today, September 28, 2022, is an important date from a Gann Analysis perspective. It is the final date in a massive cluster of time cycles that began on September 19 and culminated today. What does that mean? It means there is a high probability of a very powerful move and trending move beginning anytime between now and October 5.

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ST Exclusive: VanEck CEO Talks Crypto

The Daily Rip and Litepaper had a fantastic opportunity to sit down with the CEO of one of the biggest names in ETFs: Jan van Eck. With the upcoming Merge for Ethereum ($ETH.X), Cardano’s ($ADA.X) Vasil hard fork, and the myriad of other events in the crypto space, there hasn’t been a lot of focus on the upcoming SEC decision over the fate of VanEck’s third spot Bitcoin ETF application.

The SEC has consistently rejected every spot ETF application. Why is that? And what is Bitcoin/crypto’s role in an overall investment portfolio anyway? We get into these questions and more in today’s exclusive chat with one of the biggest names on Wall Street.

Can you give us a brief intro on who you are and what VanEck is for those who are unfamiliar?

VanEck was founded in 1955, and our approach to investing is what I call ‘macro.’ It’s what international investors are very used to, which is looking at what’s happening worldwide. History as it reminds us that the world is radically changing all the time. As money managers, we try to offer funds that take advantage of the changes in the markets.

My father started the firm and is best known for creating the first gold fund in the United States in 1968, which led to our breakthrough. At the time, gold was pegged to around $35 an ounce and had been pegged against the dollar, not for just a couple of months but the entirety of US history—almost 200 years. 

He took his fund and almost all the assets and bought gold mining shares, thinking that that would change. And it did a couple of years later. So I think that’s the kind of perspective we bring to the market. 

Coming to Bitcoin in 2017, we had to determine: is Bitcoin ($BTC.X) going to be a real competitor to gold or not? We determined that it was. There was not much to read on Bitcoin back then unless you read the whitepaper or listened to some podcasts, but that was our conclusion. Since then, we’ve been saying that it should be considered a part of people’s portfolios. 

Speaking of Bitcoin, let’s get right into that discussion. What role do you see Bitcoin playing in a portfolio?

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Technically Speaking – September 30, 2022

Polygon (MATIC)

No, the chart below is not a bunch of hugs and kisses. The chart style is known as Point & Figure, the oldest technical analysis chart style in existence. The primary difference between Point & Figure charts and Japanese candlesticks or American bar charts is Point and Figure is a price action only chart. There is no time or volume. 

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Crypto Exchange New – September 7, 2022


Binance.US just announced staking for Ethereum today via its blog. Binance is offering rewards up to 6.00% APY. Instead of acquiring the minimum 32 ETH to stake on the network, Binance.US allows users to stake with as little as 0.001 ETH. 

The Swiss-regulated crypto bank, SEBA, also announced Ethereum staking on its platform – but is more geared towards institutions rather than individual investors. 

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