Cardano’s Vasil Upgrade Is Tomorrow

Ethereum’s ($ETH.X) Merge was, from a price action perspective, a nothing burger. Gas fees are still high, and scalability is still an issue. Shifting to Proof-of-Stake is a major, major deal – but not one that speculators were really excited about. 

Cardano’s ($ADA.X) Vasil update has the opposite situation. It’s absent the major hype that Ethereum’s Merge got, and the final results of Vasil have immediate benefits. So what are the changes with the Vasil hard fork?

We could talk about diffusion pipelining as a method of boosting Cardano’s scaling and speed by addressing idle time… it’s over my head. Let’s keep it simple.

The easiest summary is Vasil makes Cardano more efficient and developer friendly. If you want the nitty gritty on what Vasil unlocks with reference inputs, reference scripts, inline datums, datums and redeemers, and data serialization primitive – head on over to Input/Output Group’s truly nerdy boggling, confusing page. 

But overall  – the gist of the upgrade is Vasil makes the blockchain use less power, is faster, and is cheaper. 

Also, the Litepaper got to sit down with the CMO of IOG (Input Output Group, Cardano’s developers) – so look out for that interview in a future Litepaper!

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