Pharma Bro Tells ‘Con’ Kwon Jail Isn’t That Bad

It’s been an ugly couple of days in the crypto world – so let’s start off with something humorous. 

Yesterday, on the UpOnly stream, two infamous individuals were present: Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli and South Korean fugitive Do ‘Con’ Kwon.

The part worth watching is only 25ish seconds long and can be watched here on YouTube.

Yes, Shkreli just did that. Not long after the video ends, Kwon says the conversation is ‘very depressing’ and then abruptly leaves the stream. 

Authorities still don’t know where Kwon is, but it is believed that he is in Europe, somewhere. But he says he’s not running. 

And without a valid passport, it will be hard for him to go anywhere anytime soon. 😆

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