No Worries, Mate! Accomplice In $10.5M Crypto Blunder Gets Bail

Remember the story about the customer in Australia that asked for a $100 refund and instead got a whopping $10 million? 🤔

One of the accomplices of the lucky (or unlucky) lady was just granted bail, even though $2 million is still missing.

To jog your memory, accidentally sent the massive sum to miss Thevamanogari Manivel’s account while processing the $100 refund back in May 2021. didn’t notice the big whoops for another seven months during an audit in December 2021.

When asked for a refund in February 2022 (lol), they discovered that Manivel had moved most of the money to a joint account with her partner Jatinder Singh. They spent a fortune on luxury items, like fancy houses and expensive art. $2 million is estimated to have been moved out of Australia and into Malaysia. 

Senior Constable Conor Healy voiced concerns that Singh might flee with the outstanding balance, considering that only about $7 million had been recovered. But Judge Daniel Holding, in his infinite wisdom, decided to grant the bail anyway.

Despite the fact that Singh had no job, stable residence, or family before his arrest, Judge Holding insisted he couldn’t flee Australia, as his Indian passport would be confiscated. 

Because no one with an extra $2 million somewhere could ever leave a country without a passport (i.e., Do Kwon). 🤦‍♀️

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