Marathon Supports The Devs

Marathon Digital Holdings ($MARA) has committed to matching donations of up to $500,000 for the non-profit Bitcoin research and development organization Brink. ⛏️

During the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami Beach, Marathon will provide a two-for-one match, followed by a one-for-one match for additional donations until December 31. These funds will support grants and programs to compensate Bitcoin Core developers, who are vital in maintaining and improving the decentralized blockchain.

CEO Fred Thiel emphasized the importance of paying developers and acknowledged their reliance on grants from organizations like Brink. The collaboration between Marathon and Brink seeks to ensure the proper funding of Bitcoin Core development and maintenance, with Marathon encouraging industry partners to contribute to this cause. 👏

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SEC Keeps Kicking The Dead Horse That Is Binance.US

The SEC is demanding a thorough inspection of Binance.US. and their seemingly evasive behavior and reluctance to hand over crucial documents. 🤔

Just a few months ago, the SEC threw the book at Binance.US, its global parent, Binance Holdings, and founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. Now, the SEC is doubling down, emphasizing the “urgent need” for a deep dive into Binance’s dealings, especially their questionable use of the custody platform Ceffu (once known as Binance Custody).

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The Dad: Bankman And All The Bad Things He Did

Bankman’s Background and Credentials

Yale Law School graduate (1980).
Licensed attorney and psychologist.
35-year tenure as a Stanford Law School professor.
Leading scholar in U.S. tax policy with multiple testimonies before Congress.
Authored numerous scholarly works on federal income taxation.

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Big Options Expiry This Friday

One of the largest crypto derivatives exchanges, Deribit, has a boatload of $BTC and $ETH options set to expire Friday. 📆

This colossal expiry includes 1.217 million BTC and ETH options contracts. These derivatives could either be a goldmine or a complete bust, depending on the trading trajectory of the top two cryptocurrencies by the week’s end. 

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