Ordinals: A Gateway For Ethereum Developers Into The Bitcoin Community

At the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami last week, $ETH developers showed a keen interest in Ordinals, a protocol that has gained popularity within the $BTC community. 🥳

One notable startup, OrdinalSafe, a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet, participated in the conference’s “Pitch Day” and secured second place in the infrastructure category. OrdinalSafe’s CEO, Esad Yusuf Atik, described the experience as memorable and noted the warm reception from the Bitcoin community.

Discussions at the conference highlighted the debate surrounding Ordinals’ acceptance within the Bitcoin community. Critics argued that experimental BRC-20 tokens built using Ordinals strained Bitcoin’s network and caused higher transaction fees.

Concerns were raised about the potential impact of Ordinals on Bitcoin miners and the introduction of maximal extractable value (MEV) practices, which could lead to centralization and censorship.

Despite the debates, Bitcoin 2023 showcased the integration of Web3 concepts into the Bitcoin community. Additionally, other developers with Ethereum backgrounds, such as Subjective Labs, developed tools to track Ordinals collections and BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin.

The conference reflected a growing culture of experimentation and collaboration between Ethereum and Bitcoin developers.

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