Green Gold Rush: Tether Takes Bitcoin Mining to Uruguay

Despite a year fraught with setbacks and significant losses for $BTC, Tether remains undaunted, revealing its plans to invest in sustainable Bitcoin mining operations in Uruguay. ⛏️

This move is a bit left-field, considering Uruguay’s minor role in the global network hash rate compared to powerhouses like the U.S. Yet, with the country generating more than 98% of its electricity from renewable sources, $USDT sees an opportunity to champion a greener approach amidst the dwindling availability of Bitcoin.

And from their website, they seem pretty serious about it:

Despite the controversy surrounding Tether, they’re committed to Bitcoin, even pledging to use up to 15% of its monthly net operating profits to bolster Bitcoin reserves. πŸ’Ž

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Buterin’s Phone Hacked

$ETH co-founder Vitalik Buterin got a taste of the hacker lifeβ€”SIM swap style. πŸͺ§

On Farcaster, the decentralized Twitter for people too cool for centralized social media, Buterin confirmed that he lost control of his X account, and $691K got siphoned off by hackers. They dangled fake Consensys NFTs like a carrot, and his 4.9 million followers hopped right after it.

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SEC Keeps Kicking The Dead Horse That Is Binance.US

The SEC is demanding a thorough inspection of Binance.US. and their seemingly evasive behavior and reluctance to hand over crucial documents. πŸ€”

Just a few months ago, the SEC threw the book at Binance.US, its global parent, Binance Holdings, and founder Changpeng β€œCZ” Zhao. Now, the SEC is doubling down, emphasizing the “urgent need” for a deep dive into Binance’s dealings, especially their questionable use of the custody platform Ceffu (once known as Binance Custody).

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Attempt To Bar The Fed From Making A CBDC In Congress Again

The House GOP’s majority whip and crypto’s biggest supporter on Capitol Hill, Tom Emmer, is back in the ring with his “Central Bank Digital Currency Anti-Surveillance State Act.” 🧒

The bill aims to slam the brakes on the Federal Reserve’s aspirations of directly offering a CBDC to the public. Emmer’s rallying cry? Keep digital dollars as American as bald eagles and freedom fries, or risk creating the ultimate surveillance tool.

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