Baht And Betrayal: $76 Million Crypto Scam

The crypto underworld strikes again. Thailand nabbed four Chinese nationals, and their Laos sidekick allegedly swindling $76 million through their oh-so-innovative crypto scam, BCH Global Ltd. 🥥

The victims thought they were investing in gold and $USDT. The perps are now facing a smorgasbord of charges, including public fraud and money laundering.

Oh, and let’s not forget the 585 million baht in seized properties. That’s a lot of baht, folks ($16.45 million). 

Thailand’s Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) is warning everyone to double-check those investment platforms because a little due diligence wouldn’t hurt. 👍

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BTC And ETH Get A Brazilian Banking Buddy: Itau Unibanco

Brazil’s largest lender, Itau Unibanco, has rolled out a cryptocurrency trading service, initially spotlighting $BTC and $ETH. This move marks the bank’s grand entrance into the bustling world of digital assets. 🏦

Guto Antunes, the mastermind behind Itau’s digital assets, shared with Reuters that this is just the beginning. “Bitcoin first, but we’ve got our eyes on a broader crypto horizon,” he hinted. 

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Rollups To The Rescue

$ETH‘s transaction fees could have been a whopping five times higher if not for the superhero efforts of layer-2 rollup networks like Optimism ($OP) and Arbitrum ($ARB). 💸

This revelation comes from a Chainstack report, highlighting that without these rollups, fees would skyrocket by 360% to 420%, and transaction times would also double to nearly two minutes.

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Crypto’s Harmony With The Dollar, Not A Rivalry

$COIN‘s main man, Brian Armstrong, is stirring the financial pot with a fresh take: $BTC‘s not here to knock the USD off its perch; it’s here to help it out. 🪙

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Technically Speaking – November 27, 2023

A pause or pullback with $BTC‘s current price action shouldn’t be unexpected. ✋

There are significant gaps between the bodies of the weekly candlesticks and the Tenkan-Sen, and the length of time these gaps have existed is four consecutive weeks. 

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