Buterin’s Phone Hacked

$ETH co-founder Vitalik Buterin got a taste of the hacker life—SIM swap style. 🪧

On Farcaster, the decentralized Twitter for people too cool for centralized social media, Buterin confirmed that he lost control of his X account, and $691K got siphoned off by hackers. They dangled fake Consensys NFTs like a carrot, and his 4.9 million followers hopped right after it.

Buterin’s not alone in this SIM swap circus. Bart Stephens, co-founder of Blockchain Capital, lost a jaw-dropping $6.3 million in a similar hack last month. Even the Gutter Cat Gang NFT project wasn’t safe, losing $765K in NFTs. 🙁

ZachXBT, the crypto detective, tallied the damage: over $13.3 million lost to 54 SIM swaps in four months. His advice? Forget 2FA; it’s as effective as a screen door on a submarine.

So, what’s the moral of this digital fable? You’re not immune even if you’re a crypto demigod like Buterin. Buterin’s sage advice: remove your phone number from X, because that’s like leaving your keys in the ignition. 🚘

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Technically Speaking – November 29, 2023

Congestion and consolidation all around – that’s the name of the game. 🎰

Unfortunately, things can’t always go Moon and Lambo; sometimes they pull back, and sometimes they park and bark. 

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Technically Speaking – November 22, 2023

If the culmination of all known and unknown variables is represented through price action, then yesterday’s Binance and CZ FUD was a nothing burger. 🍔

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Ethereum – Blood Angels: Ethereum, with its smart contracts and dApps, is akin to the Blood Angels – sophisticated, artistic, and somewhat enigmatic. And their fan base acts like a bunch of crazy bastards when provoked.

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Technically Speaking – November 27, 2023

A pause or pullback with $BTC‘s current price action shouldn’t be unexpected. ✋

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