Cardano Unleashed: New Lace Wallet Feature, Fee Overhauls, and Catalyst’s Innovation Drive

Lace Wallet Evolution

Sometimes, a product or service makes a change/addition that makes you wonder: “How the hell was this not a thing before?”

Enter Lace Wallet’s latest feature: multi-pool delegation. And it’s exactly how it sounds: you can now delegate your stake to multiple pools instead of having to create separate wallets.

Starting out, $ADA hodlers using Lace can diversify to across five unique pools.By allowing ADA holders to diversify their stakes across up to five unique pools. 🌐

Fee Reduction Frenzy

Cardano’s not just about tech; it’s about its community and governance. Changes to two critical network parameters: the k parameter and the minPool cost were voted on by ADA hodlers.

The community weighed in by staking an eye-watering 10.85 billion ADA (around $4.1 billion!). The outcome? A decision to slash the minimum pool costs in half, ensuring a more inclusive ecosystem. 📢

Project Catalyst Fund 10

Project Catalyst‘s Fund 10 is here, and it’s bigger than ever.

With a staggering $50 million in ADA on the line, it’s been a beacon for the industry’s brightest minds. A record 1,467 projects submitted their proposals, marking a 22% jump from the previous round.

The standout category? Products and Integration, with groundbreaking proposals from Real Estate Oracles to Web3 Games. As the community casts their votes, the anticipation builds.

The selected proposals will be announced on September 21, 2023. 🚀

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