Ripple: Gensler Engaging In Fraud And Manipulation

Ripple’s top legal eagle, Stuart Alderoty, didn’t hold back as he publicly slammed Gary Gensler, the SEC Chair, accusing him of fraud and manipulation. 🌐

This fiery response was triggered by Gensler’s recent spiel on Bloomberg, advocating for the imposition of securities law on the crypto sector as a shield against fraud and manipulation. 

Gensler remains unyielding in his belief that extending securities laws to cryptocurrencies is the key to protecting investors from potential wrongdoing. 

The SEC hasn’t escaped the federal judges’ sharp rebukes either. Their claims in the Grayscale and Ripple lawsuits were labeled as “arbitrary and capricious” and “hypocrisy,” respectively.

The SEC’s stance on the “question of law” requirement for interlocutory appeal has raised eyebrows, with Alderoty calling their appeal filing hypocritical and lacking in substance. 🏛

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November’s Close: A Closer Look

November 2023 ranks third in terms of performance, behind the bullish Novembers of 2018 and 2019. It’s a respectable showing, especially given the past volatility. 🐓

November 2018: +57.61%
November 2019: +21.29%
November 2022: +19.44%
November 2011: +10%
November 2023: +8.84% (the newcomer)
November 2021: +7.77%
November 2012: -11.11%
November 2014: -9.87%
November 2016: -5.91%
November 2020: -6.62%
November 2015: -17.67%
November 2017: -35.16%
November 2013: -82.49%

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Technically Speaking – December 6, 2023

As the title of today’s Litepaper says, today’s Technically Speaking is all about looking at the charts of altcoins that are poised for their own big move or have yet to follow the rest of the market. 

Note: all of the altcoins discussed have a market cap of at least $100 million. 

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Technically Speaking – November 15, 2023

Some of the altcoins that experienced deep pullback yesterday, while still down, have retraced most of those losses and are in the green. 💚

The Total Market Cap itself is setting up for its highest close in 1.5 years. 

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Technically Speaking – November 29, 2023

Congestion and consolidation all around – that’s the name of the game. 🎰

Unfortunately, things can’t always go Moon and Lambo; sometimes they pull back, and sometimes they park and bark. 

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