Bruuush Investors Feel The Ruuush

To follow up on the Arm IPO story above, we identified a clear example of why investors may be hesitant to take part in IPOs this year. 😰

Below is Bruuush Oral Care, which came public on the Nasdaq in August 2022. After a slight pop on its second day of trading, prices peaked at a pre-25-for-1 reverse split price of $97 and have been falling ever since.Β The stock hit an all-time low of $1.25 yesterday, making today’s post-earnings rally of 33% barely noticeable on the chart.

Until fewer of these situations happen, investors will likely remain cautious about companies bringing their shares to market. And we don’t blame them.

Anyway, we hope you’re enjoying the ride $BRSH shareholders. Sorry to single you out during this difficult time, but what a great example of what the last few years have been like. πŸ™

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Express Remains A Mess

Earnings have been a mixed bag for retailers this year, but it seems mall retailer Express always knows how to make a mess. Let’s see what the company did this time… πŸ™„

Its adjusted loss per share ofΒ  $9.83 was worse than the $7.18 expected, while revenues of $454.1 million came in shy of the $471.2 million consensus estimate. Executives don’t expect the sales picture to improve, forecasting fourth-quarter revenues of $565 to $590 million. That’s well below the $633 million Wall Street anticipated.Β 

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The Bayer Of Bad News

Germany’s Bayer was the bearer of bad news for investors today, with shares experiencing their largest one-day decline in over three years. πŸ“‰

The pharma and biotech company aborted a large late-stage trial testing a new anti-clotting drug due to a lack of efficacy. While failures are common in this field, this was the company’s most promising development project. Its statement says that the experimental anticoagulant asundexian was shown to be inferior to Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer’s established treatments. ❌

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Walmart Rolls Back Its Share Price

Yesterday, we heard from Target, which soared after getting its earnings back on track despite declining sales. Today, we heard from Walmart, which plunged after growing sales and beating on earnings. Let’s talk about why that happened. πŸ‘‡

Today’s earnings in Walmart contrasted Target’s, but the underlying cautious tone about the U.S. consumer remained. The big-box retailer reported adjusted earnings per share of $1.53 on $168.80 in revenues, topping the $1.52 and $159.72 billion expected by analysts.Β 

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$WOOF Turnaround Seems Farfetch(ed)

The title of this post combines two popular retail stocks that continue to make investors say “woof.” Those are Petco and Farfetch. Let’s see why they’re back in focus. πŸ‘€

First is pet food retailer Petco Health & Wellness, which cut its full-year guidance after posting a third-quarter loss. βœ‚οΈ

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