Amazon Delivers Cloud Miss

Amazon is the latest tech giant to report earnings, flailing wildly after the bell as investors digested mixed third-quarter results. 👀

The company’s adjusted earnings per share of $0.94 topped the $0.58 expected, as did revenues of $143.1 billion ($141.4 expected). Advertising was a bright spot, with revenues of $12.1 billion vs. estimates of $11.6 billion.

However, Amazon Web Services revenue of $23.1 billion missed expectations by $0.10 billion. Although the segment widened its operating profit margin, 12% revenue growth lagged Microsoft Azure’s 29% and Google Cloud’s 22%. Analysts are concerned the slowing revenue growth could signal market share loss to its largest competitors. 🔻

When asked by reporters whether the unit’s growth had bottomed in the current quarter, Amazon’s CFO responded, “I wouldn’t quite characterize it that way.” While its customers’ appetite for cloud services remains robust, there are several headwinds facing the entire sector right now. That could mean new work being pushed out to future quarters as companies navigate the economic uncertainty. However, during the earnings call, he “talked up” recent cloud business deal flow that should support fourth-quarter numbers. So, investors received mixed signals at best here. 🤷

The recovery in its core e-commerce business continued, with revenues rising 7% YoY vs. 4% last quarter. Promotional events like “Prime Day,” its “biggest ever” sale, were needed to spur consumer demand in the current environment. Although sales rose 13% YoY in the third quarter, executives’ forecast for fourth-quarter sales of $160 to $167 billion indicates roughly 10% growth. The midpoint of that range is also below analyst expectations of $166.6 billion. 👎

Additionally, Amazon remains focused on cost optimization as it navigates the slower growth environment. It’s laid off 27,000 employees over the last year, also closing down many of its unprofitable initiatives. ✂️

Given Amazon had sold off over the last few days, it was able to take the slowing cloud growth in stride. With that said, it’s clear that investors are focused primarily on that segment of the business, given e-commerce is expected to remain challenged, and advertising is still a smaller segment.

$AMZN shares are up 2% after the bell, offsetting regular-session losses. 🔺

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