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Stocktwits Top 25 – Week 44 📈

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Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week 44 of 2021.

The Stocktwits Top 25 reports the 25 best-performing stocks in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 year to date (YTD), and tracks their performances over time. 

Here are your Stocktwits Top 25 Lists for Week 44:

S&P 500

ST Top 25 S&P 500

The ST Top 25 S&P 500 List was a sight to see in Week 44.

21 of 25 stocks registered gainz.

Moderna dipped 31.35% and forfeited its top spot on the list. $MRNA is a Sinner below.

$ANET ripped the most of any name and appeared on the list as a Freshman. Arista Networks can be found on the Winners list. 

Four Freshmen made the list. The companies are Arista Networks, Applied Materials, Tesla, and Dexcom.

The Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 Momentum Meter rallied 4.81% while the S&P 500 gained 2%. The 2.81% difference indicates that the top stocks continue to outperform the whole index.


The Big Cap Nasdaq 100

The ST Top 25 N100 List was filled with studly semiconductors.

21 names closed green. 

NVIDIA stole the top ranking on the list from Moderna thanks to a 16.37% weekly gain. $NVDA is up 127.9% YTD and sits at all-time highs. 

Semiconductors were the list’s strongest group. $AMAT ascended 12.18%, $KLAC climbed 11.8%, $AMD accelerated 13.4%, and $XLNX zipped 10.3%.

NXP Semiconductors NV, Xilinx, and Synopsys are the list’s Freshmen.

The ST Top 25 Nasdaq 100 Momentum Meter swelled 3.31% while the full Nasdaq 100 rose 3.21%. The 0.10% differential shows that the top stocks performed nearly identical to the full index.

Russell 2000

Small-Cap Russell 2000

The ST Top 25 R2K List exceeded anyone’s expectations for Week 44.

21/25 stocks traded higher – the same as the S&P 500 and N100 lists.

$SAVA over doubled this week as the main source of the list’s strength. Cassava Science is the Top Dawg below. 👑 Don’t miss it.

Ocugen was the ST Top 25 R2K List’s worst participant, nosediving 13.5%. It’s a Sinner below.

The list’s Freshmen are Anavex Life Sciences, The ONE Group Hospitality, and RR Donnelley & Sons.

The ST Top 25 R2K Momentum Meter ascended exploded 22.07% while the Russell 2000 index jumped 6.09%. The 15.98% gap proves the top stocks continue to exceed the full index.



The ST Top 25 Top Dawg for Week 44, 2021 is #2 R2K – Cassava Sciences. 

Cassava Sciences rightfully earned its spot as the Top Dawg in Week 44. The biotech company was the biggest gainer out of all three lists, soaring 110.8%. It is now ranked 2nd on the ST Top 25 R2K List.

Cassava soared 49% on Thursday after the company was informed by the Journal of Neuroscience that there is no evidence of data manipulation in an article it published in July 2012 describing a new approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease. Great news for the company! 

The Journal of Neuroscience commented: 

“The Journal determined that there was one duplicated panel in Figure 8 and a Corrigendum was requested and will be printed. No evidence of data manipulation was found for Western blot data.”

Here’s the daily chart:

$SAVA closed positive 4 days this week and is up 1,233% YTD. 


The Winners 📈

△ #20 S&P 500 – Arista Networks was a complete animal in Week 44. The computer networking company debuted on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List as a Freshman ranked 20th. 💪

$ANET ascended 20.4% into all-time highs on Tuesday after exceeding Wall St’s EPS and revenue predictions. Revenue grew 23.7% YoY.

EPS: $2.81 (vs. $2.73) expected) 
Revenue: $748.7 million (vs. $738 million expected)

Here’s the daily chart:

$ANET is up 82.6% YTD.

△ #4 R2K – Avis Budget Group gained 71.63% this week and entered the top-10 on the ST Top 25 R2K List. The car rental provider is now up 697.5% YTD.

$CAR catapulted 108.3%Tuesday after the company demolished earnings and sales estimates. The real reaction came after executives hinted that the company would play a “big role” in providing EVs to the people.

EPS: $10.74 (vs. $6.90) expected) 
Revenue: $3 billion (vs. $2.66 billion expected)

Here’s the tremendous weekly chart:

△ #4 N100 – Applied Materials moved 12.18% higher this week and showed dominance alongside fellow semiconductors. $AMAT improved 4 spots on the ST Top 25 N100 List to #4 from #8.

$AMAT registered gains every day this week and broke out of a  29-week long flat base. The semiconductor now sits at record highs. 

$AMAT is up 77.62% YTD.


The Sinners 📉

▼ #6 S&P 500 – Moderna was the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List’s big loser, sinking 31.35%. The biotech company fell 5 spots from its top rank to #6. 

Moderna missed analysts’ expectations on Thursday while lowering Covid-19 vaccine sales estimates. Here are the full details:

EPS: $7.70 (vs. $8.96 expected)
Revenue: $4.97 billion (vs. $6.45 billion expected)

Here’s the daily chart:

$MRNA is still up 126.85% YTD.

▼ #9 R2K – Ocugen descended 13.5% and forfeited almost half of Week 43’s gains. The biotech company’s ranking lowered from #9 to #3.

On Wednesday the World Health Organization issued an emergency use listing for COVAXIN, Ocugen, and Bharat Biotech’s covid vaccine. 

COVAXIN® was found to have 78% efficacy against COVID-19, 14 or more days after the second dose, and is suitable for low- and middle-income countries due to easy storage requirements.

$OCGN then applied for emergency FDA authorization for use of COVAXIN in children on Friday. We’ll see if the company can notch another approval.

$OCGN is still up 459.56% YTD. 

See Y’all Next Week 🤙