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2021’s Trendiest Plays & Investments

Hey y’all and a happy Tuesday to ya! The midwest was covered in snow today, the most wonderful time of the year! ❄️ ❄️

The major indexes pulled back after rallying most of last week. The Dow was the only index to register a gain, jumping 0.26%. The small-cap Russell 2000 dipped 0.66% and the Nasdaq dropped 0.56%.

Lumber leaped 4.13% to make four consecutive green sessions. Lumber futures have flown 37.63% in December. 🌴

Here’s the daily chart:

The sectors traded mixed. Utilities leaped 0.9% and closed at record highs. Tech trimmed 0.52% and pulled back from all-timers.

Bitcoin broke down 6.25% and sliced through $50K like a knife in butter. 🔪 Ethereum faded 5.65% and gave up the $4K level. 📉

The CDC loosened its quarantine guidelines for those who have been exposed to the virus, reducing the recommended quarantine time from 10 to 5 days following a positive test. 🚨 🚨

$ISIG increased 64.8%, $RGC ripped 17.46%, and $OYST spiked 9.58%.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the streams that defined Stocktwits in 2021. But before we hop into that, check out today’s prices:

S&P 500 4,786 -0.10%
Nasdaq 15,781 -0.56%
Russell 2000 2,246 -0.66%
Dow Jones 36,398 +0.26%


What’s Trending? The Biggest Trends & Plays of 2020

What’s Trending? The Biggest Trends & Plays of 2020 Featured Image

Yesterday, we reflected on how 2020’s biggest trends held up in 2021. Many of you were probably unsurprised to see some familiar names, ideas, and trades which continued their respective runs in 2021. In fact, some did even better this year than they did last year. 🎉

We looked at Robinhood user data yesterday to get an idea of what was trending. Though we’re a far cry from the days of Robintrack (an era when Robinhood allowed practically anybody to know how many users owned certain stocks 😅), Robinhood’s “Top 100 Stocks” said a great deal about investors’ favorite trends. For much of 2020, Robinhood holdings data spoke for retail investors. In 2021, however, we’ve had to lay this source to rest. 😴 🤷

Unsurprisingly, our own data at Stocktwits also speaks to what investors find valuable. While Robinhood retreated from sharing and democratizing its data, we’re hoping to continue providing insights for the investors in our community. For now, though, the truth is: you’d probably be (mostly) unsurprised to know what was hot in 2021. 🔥 🔥

To conclude the year, we’d like to draw attention to three metrics which defined the Stocktwits community in 2021. Those metrics are most viewed (the number of people who viewed a stream), most added (how many people decided to add a stock to their watchlist), and most active (the most engaged streams.) Collectively, we’ll use these as indicators to showcase our hottest streams of 2021

It’s Not All Fun and Games

By and large, “Memestocks*” and meme cryptos were the most colorful communities on Stocktwits this year. That’s not particularly surprising, since it takes a community to have the kind of action most of these names got this year.

Unsurprisingly, one stock and one crypto rose above the rest. 😤 AMC Entertainment and Dogecoin were the most viewed, most added, and most active asset in their respective asset classes. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention GameStop, which arguably defined the beginning of a years-long insanity in the markets. It was the #3 most viewed and most active asset, and our #4 most added asset in 2021.

GameStop, AMC, and Dogecoin had zeitgeisty moments this year(remember Elon pumping Dogecoin and the Run on Robinhood back in January?) But they weren’t alone. These tickers were followed by other meme-y assets with strong communities. $SNDL, $SHIB.X, $ZOM, and $SAFEMOON.X joined the ranks of Doge, AMC, and GME.

By the way, none of these assets had a mediocre year, but not everyone was a winner. While $AMC rose 958% and $GME popped 587% in the last year, some people bailing into these trades late got burned. For example, $DOGE.X is down 76% from its all-time highs and $SAFEMOON.X is down 33%. In other words, hopefully you got in at an ideal time. But the kinds of gains and losses exhibited in so-called “Memestocks*” are no laughing matter. (* – Maybe it’s unrealistic to call some of these volatile-but-strong investments “memes” considering their staying power. We welcome retiring that phrase.)

Weekends Are For Crypto

Monday through Friday, stocks usually own the show on Stocktwits. But on Saturday and Sunday, it’s crypto time. While Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and SAFEMOON were some of our hottest streams of 2021, there were other names, too (some expected and some not-so-expected.)

The expected $BTC.X and $ETH.X owned the conversation. In crypto land, they both scored high marks in most viewed (#2 and #4, respectively), most added (#2 and #3), and most active (#2 and #5.) Basically, the expected kings of crypto were bustling with plenty of traffic and attention this year. 👑

But two other cryptos will go down in history for their trendy, zeitgeisty presence in 2021. The surprising names are Cardano and Ripple, which also lined up a trifecta for views, adds, and activity this year — these cryptos had some of the most 🔥🔥🔥 streams of 2021.

Yes, we might be missing your favorite crypto stream. Or maybe your stream only got hot in the last month (shoutout Cheems Inu.) We want to emphasize that crypto has really come of age in the Stocktwits community. We expect these conversations to continue in 2022 (and expand as our community launches support for a number of NFT streams.)

EVs Continue To Dominate Conversation

Electric vehicles were spicy this year in a continuation of trend from 2021. 🌶️ Three of our hottest streams belonged to electric vehicle companies. If we’re being a little flexible, a fourth company in our top-10 list is looking to make a move on the EV space in coming years…

Tesla was the #2 most added and most active stream of 2021, and our #6 most viewed stream of the year as well. That’s not much of a surprise to $TSLA shareholders, which appreciated a 63% jump this year. 🚀 🚀 But some of the company’s new-age competitors also made their presence known.

Lucid Group was among the most-speculated SPAC mergers of the year, making it our #4 most viewed stream, #5 most added, and #5 most active stream of the year. The speculation, along with volatile price moves later in the year, made Lucid an extremely fun stream.  $LCID appreciated a 267% jump this year. 

Our community also found an unexpectedly hot play in $NIO, which made our short-list. It appeared in the top 10 most viewed and most added stocks in our community this year. Unlike the former two names, Nio has actually had a relatively tough year. 🤷 It’s down 35% in the past year.

Finally, how could we go without mentioning Apple?? It was our 3rd most added stock of 2021, and has its own EV ambitions on the horizon. $AAPL rose 33% this year.

Overall, EVs were already present, but it’s now obvious that they’re here to stay.

Looking for Value In Growth

What have we not mentioned so far? Growth names. Biotech company $OCGN was our 2nd most viewed and 2nd most active stream of 2021. 🧬 🧬 It also came in #10 in the most added category. All-in-all, Ocugen had a uniquely good year for a lesser-known stock. As of this writing, it’s worth just $940 million in market cap. Ocugen’s stock has doubled this year despite a broader contraction in biotech.

Other growth plays got a lot of love, too. 💓 Take Sos Inc., a high-flying crypto/blockchain stock, which made inroads in the Stocktwits community mostly because of its mining biz. $SOS was the 7th most viewed and 6th most active stream on Stocktwits this year. It’s also worth even less than Ocugen. Sos’ market cap is just over $200 million, although its ADRs trade for just under a dollar as of this writing. The stock is down 36.7% in the past year.

Palantir is another name that got a lot of love this year. The brainchild of Peter Thiel & co., $PLTR is increasingly perceived as a “big tech giant“-to-be. Palantir gained a strong presence this year, ranking in our top 10 most added stocks. Naturally, we should mention $BBIG, $WISH, and $MMAT, which were among some of our most active streams this year.

The Summary Prospectus

What came first? The chicken (the investors) or the egg (the media/social attention/sentiment/etc.)?? We’re still trying to figure that out. But this year, the Stocktwits community went on some wild rides. We’re not just talking about the GameStop/”Run on Robinhood“/”Retail Revolution” back in January. We’re talking about everything — the Lucid rumors, Palantir’s price explosion in 2021, memecoin runs, and scores of other moves this year. 💪 💪

Our big takeaway? Stocktwits users have a lot to say about the market, and your voices mostly summarized the market’s biggest moves in 2021. What are the hottest investing trends coming next year?? 🤔 Share with us on Twitter.


Bullets From The Day:

Who’s up next on the Fed?? President Biden recently reappointed Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Fed. But the President is now tasked with choosing appointees for three additional open central bank seats. The President is reportedly considering Sarah Bloom Raskin — a former attorney/regulator who served on the Board of Governors and as the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury — for the position of vice chairwoman of supervision. The Fed also has two additional vacant board seats. To fill those seats, President Biden is considering professors Lisa Cook and Philip Jefferson. These nominees could appeal to progressive Democrats who opposed Jerome Powell’s second nomination. Read more in WSJ.

United States to meet with Russia to avoid invasion of Ukraine. Washington announced its decision to meet with Russia after Ukraine voiced concerns about growing Russian military presence on the Ukrainian border. A spokesperson from the National Security Council said “When we sit down to talk, Russia can put its concerns on the table, and we will put our concerns on the table with Russia’s activities as well. We will adhere to the principle of ‘nothing about our Allies and partners without our Allies and partners, including Ukraine.” Over the past couple of months, Ukraine has observed thousands of Russian military troops surrounding its border, a situation which looks similar to Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014. Read more in CNBC.

eVTOL investments owned 2021. eVTOL stands for “vertical take-off and landing” aircraft, and the blossoming industry attracted both massive deals and exits this year. Although the eVOTL sector is still budding (aka we technically still don’t see eVTOL aircrafts in the air), it’s anticipated that the companies designing the aircrafts will seek FAA approval in 2022. Analyst David Wyatt at IDTechEx shared “What I want to see in 2022 is more aircraft in the air. To have something that’s certifiable by [2024], they have to start getting substantial aircraft in the air and really demonstrating the capabilities of those aircraft.” Startups are big on the eVTOL scene, but companies like Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Stellantis also have skin in the game. Could your neighbor start flying his eVTOL car to work in 2023?? It’s a stretch, but only time will tell. Read more in TechCrunch.

Hospitalizations for children infected with Omicron are up 30% from last week. It’s been emphasized throughout the pandemic that children are not a particularly high-risk group when it comes to hospitalization from Covid-19 infections. Now, however, Omicron has prompted a mild surge in the number of children hospitalized due to infection, with child hospitalizations up 30% from last week. New York’s commissioner of the New York State Department of Health shared “We need to get child vaccinations up. We need to get them higher than they are, particularly in the 5- to 11-year-old age group.Read more in CBS.

The Space James Telescope is about to play Twister in space. NASA’s latest super-telescope was launched into space three days ago. Now, the telescope will change form in order to optimize its extraterrestrial observation capabilities (like a transformer.) The JWST was too big to launch, so it will literally unfold into its full form as the telescope treks 1 million miles away from Earth to take pics. Amy Lo, a telescope engineer at Northrop Grumman, said “We sometimes call Webb the ‘Transformer Telescope.’” Read more in The Verge.