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Stocktwits Top 25 – Week 3 ๐Ÿ“‰

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Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week 3 of 2022.

The Stocktwits Top 25 reports the 25 best-performing stocks in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 year to date (YTD), and tracks their performances over time.ย 

Here are your Stocktwits Top 25 Lists for Week 3:

S&P 500

ST Top 25 S&P 500

The ST Top 25 S&P 500 List was overwhelmingly red for the first time in 2022.ย 

22/25 closed red.

Gaming stocks was where the strength emerged. Activision Blizzard blitzed 24.41% after being bought out by Microsoft. Itโ€™s the Top Dawg below. ๐Ÿถ

Discovery dipped 16% and gave up its top spot on the list.ย 

Ten freshmen popped up on the list. The tickers are $ATVI, $LVS, $BKR, $WMB, $KMI, $PM, $T, $CVX, $GL, and $VTRS.

The Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 Momentum Meter dipped 3.49% and the S&P 500 fell 5.68%. The 2.19% gap illustrates that the top companies continue to outperform the broader market.


The Big Cap Nasdaq 100

The ST Top 25 N100 List gave up a quarter of Week 2โ€™s gains.

18 out of 25 stocks traded negative.ย 

Lucid Group couldnโ€™t hang in the top spot. $LCID was demoted from #1 to #19.

China stocks keep moving higher., Baidu, and Pinduoduo all entered the top-5.

5 new names made the list. The stocks include $ATVI, $EA, $PEP, $REGN, and $EXC.

The ST Top 25 Nasdaq 100 Momentum Meter faltered 1.06% while the full Nasdaq 100 tanked 7.51%. The 6.45% differential indicates that the top-performing equities continue to outperform the index as a whole.


Small-Cap Russell 2000

The ST Top 25 R2K List held up the best out of the three lists.

20 of 25 stocks closed lower.

Limelight Networks leaped 21.84% and into the eighth spot on the list. The freshman is a winner below.

The listโ€™s Freshmen are $ZGNX, $LLNW, $VCRA, $REPX, $VALU, $WHD, $TDW, and $NR.

The ST Top 25 R2K Momentum Meter lost 0.44% while the Russell 2000 index sank 8.07%. The 7.63% in favor of the top stocks shows that the entire index continues to trail.



The ST Top 25 Top Dawg for Week 3, 2022 is #1 S&P 500 – Activision Blizzard.

Activision Blizzard was so strong in Week 3 that it became the top-ranked stock on both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100. ๐Ÿ’ช

$ATVI ascended 25.9% on Tuesday after Microsoft purchased the gaming giant for $68.7 billion.

Microsoft paid $95/share, a 45% premium to the stock price before the announcement. This makes it $MSFTโ€™s largest acquisition ever.

Hereโ€™s the weekly chart:

$ATVI is up 22.28% YTD.ย 


The Winners ๐Ÿ“ˆ

โ–ณ #8 R2K – Limelight Networks entered the ST Top 25 R2K List as a freshman in Week 3. The content network service company took the eighth ranking thanks to a 21.84% weekly gain.ย 

$LLNW closed positive every day this week and sported a 13.67% gain on Friday after reporting record revenue.ย 

EPS: $0.02 (vs. $0.01 est) | Revenue: $62.9 million (vs. $61.9 million est) | Link to Report

Bob Lyons, CEO of Limelight said: “Our integrated solution set is seeing significant traction, be it among startups or multi-billion companies, and across verticals such as financial services, consumer products and telecom,โ€ย 

$LLNW is up 23.62% YTD.

โ–ณ #1 R2K – Zogenix was the biggest gainer on any of the lists in Week 3. The drugmaker debuted in the top spot on ST Top 25 R2K List as a freshman.

$ZGNX zipped 65.7% on Wednesday after biopharmaceutical company UCB acquired the company for $1.9 billion, or the equivalent of $26/share.ย 

On top of this, if Fintepla is authorized for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome in the European Union before the end of 2023, UCB will be responsible for an additional $2 per share.

$ZGNX is now up 59.88% in 2022.


The Sinners ๐Ÿ“‰

โ–ผ #14 S&P 500 – Discovery dropped 16% in Week 3 and was the biggest loser on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List.ย 

$DISCA closed negative every day this week and surrendered its #1 ranking in the process. The mass media company had a two-week win-streak all through 2022 but that ended in the third week.

Hereโ€™s the daily chart:

$DISCA is still up 11.26% YTD.

โ–ผ #19 N100 – Lucid Group was making serious progress in the first two weeks of 2022 but that was all erased.ย 

$LCID round-tripped itself and fell back into negative YTD territory. The electric vehicle maker broke down 10.60% and descended eighteen rankings from #1 to #19.

Hereโ€™s the weekly chart:

$LCID is down 0.79% YTD.

โ–ผ #22 R2K – Eros Stx Global Corp swapped spots from the winners to sinners list. ย  ย 

$ESGC registered losses every day this week and flopped twenty rankings from #2 to #22 on the ST Top 25 R2K List.ย 

It was the biggest winner in Week 2 but the largest loser in Week 3%. ๐Ÿ“‰

Can $ESGC straighten this out or are more losses to come? Place your betsโ€ฆย 

See Yโ€™all Next Weekย