⛓️ Coinbase Earnings NFTs

Coinbase created a “COIN Earnings” NFT collection to accompany its quarterly earnings report and shared, 

“Coinbase earnings results are now onchain. Mint these NFTs every quarter to commemorate each milestone in our ongoing effort to bring economic freedom to the world.

NFTs in this collection are open mints and have no intended monetary value.”

Below is the Q42023 NFT infographic. COIN enthusiasts may mint the token here.

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En Eff Tee News – July 12, 2023

Here is some of what’s inside today’s curated NFT news collection:

Bored Ape Yacht Club thefts on OpenSea, Gondi’s successful funding round, the all-time low of ApeCoin, the spike in Bitcoin NFT interest, and a unique instance of a luxury watch-backed NFT used as collateral for a loan.

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En Eff Tee News – July 5, 2023

Here is some of what’s inside today’s curated NFT news collection:

Boosting women’s football with NFTs, BRC-69 standard for significant cost reductions, potential Grammy for music with AI elements, the rise of SolarPunk and LunarPunk at ETHBarcelona 2023, a UK bill empowering authorities to confiscate crypto, the collaboration between a UAE free zone and the HBAR Foundation and look at why the NFT market sees a significant decline, with blue chip collections reaching near two-year lows.

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NFT Market Blues Lead To Tax-Loss Harvesting Trend

The NFT arena’s been more of a bear than a bull lately. 🐻

Dune Analytics says that prices and trading volumes are snoozing – weekly trades are lounging between 100,000 and 150,000, a snooze compared to the early 2022 frenzy of 500,000. 

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Earn on Magic Eden

Cross-chain NFT marketplace, Magic Eden amplified its Diamond Rewards program giving back to collectors, creators and NFT traders.

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