Tesla’s Battery Close To Dead

If something hurts more than a goat’s backside after grazing in a ghost pepper patch, $TSLA‘s monthly chart is probably it. 🔥 🌶️

The two worst months in Tesla’s history are December 2010 (-24.62%) and May 2019 (-22.43%). Unless something dramatic happens, December 2022 will handily beat both of those months. 

As it stands, Tesla is down -38% (at the time of writing) for this month and reaching a new 28-month low. 

Tesla is also on track for another personal worst: five consecutive months in the red. ⭕

And unless something truly miraculous happens, like a working concrete pool floaty, 2022 is on track to be Tesla’s worst year, ever. 

In the thirteen years Tesla has traded, it’s only ever had one losing year before 2022, and that was 2016, when it closed down a paltry -10%. 

Investors and analysts believe that Musk’s absence from Tesla is one of the primary drivers of Tesla’s fall. Investors are equally frustrated with the amount of selling Musk did (and continues to do) in Tesla to support his Twitter acquisition. 

Musk said he would step down as CEO of Twitter, but only when he finds a replacement. Tesla’s investors and shareholders hope that happens sooner rather than later. 🙏

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