$NAK Silver price is about to explode. Gold will follow due to retail, institutions, and manufacturing buying silver for all reasons. PSLV is stacking huge amounts of silver everyday. In some days it is the equivalent of 200 mining days of production. In one day! Banks are shorting/manipulating and they will be caught. The green new deal will send metals skyrocketing. More stimulus is coming with the creation of paper money. What does silver have to do with NAK you say? Pebble has quite a bit of silver but not its primary metal. INFLATION!!! All our household goods have gone up 15-40% this year while we are told there is no inflation. Look at lumber and steel prices! This mine will be priceless in about a month. It is all coming down IMO. It’s crazy that silver will do it. All metals and hard assets will do well against the freshly printed dollar.