$SOFI Sitting right at support going back to March. We broke out of the downtrend the other day and today came back to hit the upper side of it. What I was hoping for was a trend change confirm by an upper high and low but didn't get it. What we still need to see is a reversal candle like a hammer (spike to say $14.50 then close near $16) or a major engulfing knife up. So far nothing. But the setup is here. If you're just a trader, this is money right here. Remember this still is a $1b rev company. So valuation will win out in the end. Their 10q in less than a month will be very interesting to see the share structure so we can put some metrics to it all and analysts can start to value it properly. So, with the lockup mostly out of the way, there should be little sellers in the way on the way back up. That's the good thing about selloffs from lockups is you clear them out making the eventual run easier. But we're not there yet.