$AABB many of you wouldn’t even know about AABB if it wasn’t for @BlackbeardRR. He dug into this early and got the word out from his platform (that he has earned). This guy is no dummy. I don’t know how many of you listened to his interview here youtube.com/watch?v=DDjy0VC... . He is not a keyboard monkey or spammer. This man thinks for himself and people recognize his insights and follow him. Some of you are pissed that he sold his position and moved on. If you had an average under .015 and rode it up over .60 cents and did not lock your profit, then you are an idiot. Never marry a stock. Always lock profit. That doesn’t mean that you cannot re-enter later. And if any of you have paid attention to the hints that BB has dropped over the past month…your naive to think that he doesn’t have skin in the game here. Maybe not the same size as last time, but I can assure you that he is here. He just tired of some of your crap