broke ass burger flippers posting bearish comments (not actually shorting the coin) all day because they think they’ll have any effect on the price... 😂😂 maaan, I said I want more ketchup!! $BTC.X $ETH.X $SAND.X $MANA.X
@caleb2 Its not about riding something to zero lol its no different than trading long. That statement does show the lack of strategy most in the market have right now, "buy and hold" which to me says those same people wouldn't know when to sell a long position either. There's a difference between wishful thinking and trading and to put it simply the difference is knowing when to act.
@scalp3r the math is working against you if you do a medium term short. of course if you flip very so often less than a 10% change, it probably doesn't matter. I seriously doubt you'll make money if you gamble short trades.