@MaxProfit07 in your dreams. Plenty of other stocks to be bearish about. AAPL Loop Ventures 12 month price target: $465 yesterday based on $15 EPS and 31 multiple. My take: thats with Apple just trading in a multiple similar to MSFT, GOOGL, and FB’s CURRENT multiple. Bears say “well, those three are overvalued”. I say that may be, but why should AAPL be any different? All You Need to Know: Revenue growth should continue to accelerate in FY21 as Apple likely benefits from tailwinds across multiple business lines. Specifically, 1) iPhone revenue should grow on a y/y basis for the first time since FY18 driven by pent-up demand for a 5G iPhone (expected end of FY20). 2) Low relative penetration of AirPods & Watch should support around 30% revenue growth in the wearables business. 3) New services continue to gain traction driving a services growth rate around 20%. 👉🏻 DOESN’T EVEN INCLUDE ANY NEW PRODUCTS, PLATFORMS, OR SERVICES THAT APPLE HAS IN IT’S PIPELINE. Oh yeah, and this:
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