$FCEL We had a fuel cell boom I'm pretty sure in 2014 led by Plug power. All of the other fuel cell companies followed. Then Citron investment group went on CNBC and trashed Plug power and all of them came tumbling down quickly. This is different mark my words but it will go up just as quick as it did back then only this time there won't be any trashing that brings it tumbling down. We will get a pullback from the massive gains but just how high will it go before the pull back. I believe the pullback goes to where plug Ballard and Bloom are right now market cap wise. And fuel cell energy will have a higher valuation than all of them. Since right now Ballard is 2.1 billion dollar market cap, that would put fuel cell energy over $11. After the pullback. Strap in and enjoy the ride. This could happen any day and with the flood of news we have coming in in the next two to three months my guess is sooner rather than later
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