$FCEL 1st, anyone thinking I am minimizing this disease is flat out wrong. 2nd, The government took too little action and moved too slowly. 3, There wasn't enough testing either. 4, Now that there is testing we are going to have a rapid increase in confirmed diagnosis. 5, My point all along is in agreement with many reputable broadcasters and Dr's and economists. The market has overshot the sell off and at some point they will realize that. Some equities are a great value right now and there are plenty of investors and traders waiting to pull the trigger with big $. 6, FCEL was realistically being valued between $2-$3 leading up to Q1 CC, and very likely moving to $3 the day of the call, until the virus became an issue. If not for the virus, the SP would have gone over $4 the day of or day after the call.
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