$ATOS pumpers can post charts and theory all day long for weeks and months. but the direction has been clear since march 14th 19. exactly back where you started after an organized pump and dump that if you weren't on the right side of the trade, you lost. Maker will do this, maker will do that. naked shorts. FDA approvals coming. all nonsense. compassionate use is not really an FDA approval other than that 1 patient. it's given to 99% of drs that apply for it. They don't hold any patents related to endoxifen. They are behind others (lily, pfizer that both back the work Mayo is doing). I already posts links regarding why a drug to 'treat' MBD is pointless and not a cost that anyone will every pay. Detection is key and the technology is here. Legislation is still murky state to state and in some cases being dropped. All the information is out there if you people did real due diligence on the company... long term it is pure garbage. if any of you get yr money back it's will be on a P&D.
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