$ATOS i love that Bear has banned me and continues to respond to every one of my posts... =D So easy to troll. He must believe anything i say has an actual effect on the SP, thanks for all the credit dude, but likely not... when i posted it was going to be 1.50 in the new year (back in May '19 - ill pull the post, we can go back to posting screenshots if you want - but would make you look like an idiot) it was based on obvious DD... ;) he's claims to know me based on some google searches. guess what dude, my linkedin, IG isn't private. anytime you want to post yr resume, might give you some credibility, but i get all i need from yr posts. i have nothing to hide. if no one listens to bashers why are you even responding? like me you must have a lot of free time. go back to arguing about your comcast cable bill, getting mouth f'ed by riteaid, and complaining about where Trump fondled you. for someone that dislikes Trump so much, you sure act like him a lot.
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