$SNDL This ain't no pumper talk, this stock is going up! Whether due to the Georgia election, merger news, zero debts, 2021 positive earnings & positive EBITDA, Biden Harris in the White House, MORE ACT, states legalizing left and right with no fucking regards to the Feds, decriminalizing news, legalizing in many other countries, UN Nation legalizing marijuana, or sympathy with the sector, this stock and sector have a lot of upside and they are due for a BIG LONG rally. Don’t worry about dilution. This market doesn't care about that. Look at NIO and TSLA. They just run on hype, fundamentals don’t mean shit when Momentum is at play. It’s a reality of Wallsteet in 2020 and 2021. Get the fuck in, shut the fuck up and ride the wave up. It’s time we all make some serious $$$ with Marijuana stocks!!! Fuck you shorts. LET’S GO!!!!! I also own shares in: $ACB $CRON $TLRY
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