$BNGO Here is why people should chillax on the so called increase in authorized shares. Cash influx during August is my prediction. 1. Warrant exercising - is/will raise funds directly and exactly why companies use them. Direct cash to co. & allows institutions that are trying to remain under a certain % of ownership to have a larger stake in the company. 2. There is over 19m authorized on the shelf already in place. They can use these shares when the price is higher and can raise substantial loot 3. Grants and endowments given by the government or foundations to fund compelling technology that can save lives. 4. Partnership with upfront cash and milestone payments. This could come from a variety of places including Big Pharma, NGS companies, device makers, you name it. Theres a long laundry list of interested companies that has the capital but not the innovation. 5. A full BO of the company and the technology including all patents, studies and current install base.
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