$LLKKF anytime a stock runs up bears come out trying to push it down “acting” as a warning. Many of the claims are cherry picked data, based on past performances. The basher saying this is a scam because the managing director was part of a failed gold mining co. Mining in general is high risk high reward. Many mining cos. claim they found the mother load they just need capital to drill. Lithium demand that is eco friendly will be in high demand. Even if LAKE becomes moderately successful this will still be a great investment. There’s nothing wrong with being bearish, however, I’m tired of hearing “fraud” claims based on no evidence only opinion of a person(s) because they lost money on a gold mining stock for which Steve was apart of. Not that it can’t fail, but Bezos/Gates granted $20M to LAKE. I’m sure due diligence was done to grant such money. There’s definitely risk of dilution, failure, geopolitical risk, etc. does not mean this is a scam pump and dump.