$ETEK Hey ladies and gents everyone (Including myself) we have to understand this is not going to happen over night (as Emergent twitted) this is going to be a couple of months. How do I come to this conclusion, the key word in the twit below from Emergent being "finalized". Between negotiation, lawyers, financing and the closing (plus going into the holiday seasons) this will be a 30/90day process. We only went pink current October 27. I think we will hear something in the new year and if we're lucky and nice maybe Santa will bring us all a nice present just in time for Christmas. Until then hold on tight, ignore the day to day noise and add on the dips if you can. twitter.com/search?src=cash...
@carlochubes I really don't know why you said that base on what ? Emergent didn't say how long it will take to complete this R/M process. They said there will be update when they have final decision on who the R/M will be.Please give me some evidence before you say something .