$WISH Important Dates Coming Up for WISH: Feb 1 - Do we get a new CEO, or do we get Jackie as interim CEO (for whatever reason)? Feb - 15th - Thank goodness we'll get to see how much tutes are accumulating or not before the next earnings call. At these levels, they "should" be buying all they can. If they are, fantastic (to some extent). If they're not, it's cause for concern. I've seen a lot about "stealing shares." At this price point, institutions don't need to steal any shares, they've already stole them and they need to block new retailers from buying with cash (due to the low s/p) if they know something juicy we don't know. March 7 - this is the next time we'll hear from management. If there's no B/O by then, we should see a new app, have board member updates, an update on the CEO if we don't have one already (or hear from the CEO if we do have one) and we of course will know more on the trajectory of break even and the timeline for net profit and net operating income.