$NIO Stop with this nonsense Nio is going down for 12 months straight. If this brings tears to your eyes, that is saying an awfull lot. I bet you wished you could go back in time and never buy at all. How much are you down? 40%? 1 moment of strenght in 12 months of weakness. Whoopsiedee
$NIO I am surprise to see that futures are down and Nio is up 2.7% premarket. I m really happy but not use to of this much surprise. Bringing tears of joy to my eyes.
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@PaperhandsNL I recently closed my position when it came down to $27 and took the loss of $1000 finally and decided to go yolo to cover it back by buying 32 option spreads for next Friday. Recovered $600 and today and if it goes up 4% today I think i will make my money back and then get back into stocks for long term.